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It’s time for my end-of-year list. I really didn’t listen to as much new stuff this year as I did in 2011, so the list is cut to 20. Generally tried to limit to one album per label, but I didn’t really follow that rule (go 12k!?). Anyway, maybe I’ll add some comments at some point. Really beautiful stuff, and I look forward to diving into some other great albums based on other year-end recommendations soon.

Like I said last year, if you are struggling to find out more information about a specific release, let me know and I can possibly direct you in the correct direction. But for the most part, I would recommend searching for these fantastic labels and their online websites.

1 Swans The Seer Young God Records
2 Gareth Dickson Quite A Way Away 12k
3 Nuojuva Valot Kaukaa Preservation Records
4 Deep Listening Band Great Howl At Town Haul Important Records
5 En Already Gone Students of Decay
6 Fire! With Oren Ambarchi In The Mouth – A Hand Rune Grammofon
7 Steve Peters + Steve Roden Not A Leaf Remains As It Was 12k
8 Strategy Strategy Peak Oil
9 Hakobune The Cowboy Across the River Constellation Tatsu
10 From the Mouth of the Sun Woven Tide Experimedia
11 Gabriel Saloman Adhere Miasmah Recordings
12 Sujo + Sun Hammer Fistula Inam Records
13 Neptune msg rcvd Northern-Spy Records
14 Electric Bird Noise Live at the Basement Silber Records
15 Brian Eno Lux Warp Records
16 Mount Eerie Ocean Roar P. W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.
17 Sharon Van Etten Tramp Jagjaguwar
18 Thee Oh Sees Putrifiers II In The Red Records
19 Gultskra Artikler Abtu/Anet Miasmah Recordings
20 White Hills Frying On This Rock Thrill Jockey Records

Hello blog space,

Most of you probably have arrived at my blog to download an interview with a musician or label head. The blog was originally the self-indulgent toilet for me to post shameless advertisements for my lame radio show on KZSU. Anyway, I’ve come full circle at this point. No exciting interviews to report, simply an overdue mention that longtime DJ partner Luke and I have returned to Lost Verses on Thursday evenings/Friday mornings 12-3am PST. You can tune in at to hear the program live in its full glory.

The only other thing I’ll say is that I’m excited about seeing White Hills in a couple of weeks. Their new album, Frying On This Rock is heavy, stoney, and psychy in the best possible ways. Last time they were on the touring circuit in California, I missed them, having just arrived back from Europe in a daze and frenzy. Go out there and support artists by going to shows, buying merch, and spreading the good word.