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Hello blogosphere,

Once again I’m on the move. On Thursday I move to Berlin (again). I’m really excited about it, but I figured I would take a moment and share with the world some music I’ve been paying attention to this summer.


  • Between Two Worlds – Danny Paul Grody – Three Lobed Recordings (review) – I saw Danny perform a lot of this material when he opened for Grouper at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, and it was quite beautiful. A great moment at the show was when the soft-spoken, gentle, former Tarentel-er asked to turn the air conditioning off because it was distracting him and his gliding dreamy work.
  • Mi Sei Apparso Come Un Fantasma – Songs: Ohia – Paper Cup – incredibly energetic, crushing, moody live (cobbled from several?) performance(s) by Molina and his Songs band near the peak (or depths?) of their brand of abyssal folk haunted dirges. RIP, Jason Molina. Glad I discovered this, although it’s sad that it took me until these unfortunate circumstances to discover it.
  • Cat Mask at Huggie Temple – Desert Heat – MIE (review) – some awesome dust bowl open-highway psychedelia scratching my Six Organs of Admittance, Sun City Girl,s and even Chris Forsyth itch.

I’ll be doing a lot less reviewing moving forward (since I’m not going to be at KZSU at all in the foreseeable future), but maybe I’ll find a new college radio-type community soon in Berlin? I’ll continue to take photos occasionally at shows. I’m excited about seeing S at the Soda Bar in San Diego on Monday. First time I’ll be able to see one of my heroes (proof I’m a Jenn Ghetto fanboy). In any case, take care, my friends and talk soon.


This past Monday on my radio show “Ghost Trees,” I had the opportunity to talk with San Francisco musician, and a personal music hero, Danny Paul Grody.¬†Grody is a prolific local artist who has been a member of the acclaimed, ambient, experimental, drone group Tarentel. Grody’s projects include out-rock instrumental band, The Drift, who released a double album titled Blue Hour in October of 2011 on Temporary Residence, Moholy Nagy, who released the debut record Like Mirage in October, also on Temporary Residence, and the upcoming Believer project. Grody has collaborated frequently with one of Root Strata’s operators, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, as well as Trevor Montgomery, another Tarentel alumnus. Danny Paul Grody’s solo releases orient themselves around acoustic and electric guitars, and more recently, harmonium, bows, synth, and bells. His recent solo long play recording, In Search of Light was released in 2011 on Students of Decay, while Fountain was released on Root Strata in 2010. Danny Paul Grody has an upcoming solo record to be released on Three Lobed recordings later in 2012, and he is also working on music for two documentary projects. KZSU is excited to host Mr. Grody in the 2012 Day of Noise (Feb 12th, 2012).

For your listening pleasure, I have uploaded the interview. Make sure to check out Mr. Grody’s website to keep up on the latest in his world of creative output.

Upcoming interviews on Ghost Trees, which, as a reminder, airs Mondays from 9am – noon PST on KZSU Stanford 90.1FM and

January 30th (10am): Maxwell August Croy (Root Strata operator, one half of the beautiful arty/noisy/ambient act En)

February 6th (10am): Mitch Greer and Rachel Smith of folky drone experimentalists, The Lickets.