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Another Monday and another opportunity to interview a terrific Day of Noise performer and musician. Maxwell August Croy is co-operator and label runner of Root Strata, as well as multi-instrumentalist in the duo, En. Along with James Devane, Croy incorporates and processes acoustic sounds like koto, guitar, and vocals into dreamy washes of hazy bliss. The duo released their debut The Absent Coast on Root Strata in fall of 2010, and will be releasing Already Gone on Students of Decay in March. At the helm of Root Strata, Croy has helped establish the San Francisco-based label as the authority on gorgeous soundscapes, ambience, psychedelic hypnotism, and the beauty of warm blankets of fuzz. Root Strata has been home to creative artists like Grouper, Starving Weirdos, Richard Youngs, Yellow Swans, Tarentel, and Barn Owl to name very very few. With co-label head Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Maxwell August Croy organized the On-Land Music Festival, which ran in San Francisco most recently in 2010, as a platform for drone, psych, and experimental musicians as well as friends of Root Strata. It is a pleasure to welcome Maxwell August Croy to KZSU for the 2012 Day of Noise.

Today, Maxwell and I spoke about the origins of En, the personal nature of creating and releasing independent music, and his progression as a musician and artist. Once again, I have uploaded the interview. Many thanks to Maxwell for the conversation, images, preview track, and permission to make the interview available. Make sure to check out En’s website to keep up on tour dates and release information. And while you’re at it, set a bookmark at Root Strata’s webpage, you won’t regret it.

Maxwell August Croy

Another upcoming interview on Ghost Trees (Mondays from 9am – noon PST on KZSU Stanford 90.1FM and

February 6th (10am): Mitch Greer and Rachel Smith of folky drone experimentalists, The Lickets.

This past Monday on my radio show “Ghost Trees,” I had the opportunity to talk with San Francisco musician, and a personal music hero, Danny Paul Grody. Grody is a prolific local artist who has been a member of the acclaimed, ambient, experimental, drone group Tarentel. Grody’s projects include out-rock instrumental band, The Drift, who released a double album titled Blue Hour in October of 2011 on Temporary Residence, Moholy Nagy, who released the debut record Like Mirage in October, also on Temporary Residence, and the upcoming Believer project. Grody has collaborated frequently with one of Root Strata’s operators, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, as well as Trevor Montgomery, another Tarentel alumnus. Danny Paul Grody’s solo releases orient themselves around acoustic and electric guitars, and more recently, harmonium, bows, synth, and bells. His recent solo long play recording, In Search of Light was released in 2011 on Students of Decay, while Fountain was released on Root Strata in 2010. Danny Paul Grody has an upcoming solo record to be released on Three Lobed recordings later in 2012, and he is also working on music for two documentary projects. KZSU is excited to host Mr. Grody in the 2012 Day of Noise (Feb 12th, 2012).

For your listening pleasure, I have uploaded the interview. Make sure to check out Mr. Grody’s website to keep up on the latest in his world of creative output.

Upcoming interviews on Ghost Trees, which, as a reminder, airs Mondays from 9am – noon PST on KZSU Stanford 90.1FM and

January 30th (10am): Maxwell August Croy (Root Strata operator, one half of the beautiful arty/noisy/ambient act En)

February 6th (10am): Mitch Greer and Rachel Smith of folky drone experimentalists, The Lickets.

Beginning February 12th at midnight, and lasting throughout the day until 11:59 PM PST, Stanford’s radio station, KZSU 90.1FM will broadcast 24 hours of continuous live experimental music. The artists will perform their improvisations and compositions in-studio on the Stanford University campus. Featuring 25 artists and counting, the 2012 Day of Noise will host an eclectic lineup of experimental, noise, and drone musicians from the Bay Area and beyond. 

A longtime tradition revived.

A tradition inaugurated in 1995 at KZSU, the Day of Noise was a 24-hour marathon tribute to improvised noise. Started as the brainchild of KZSU DJ the Voice of the Doom, the original lineup consisted of 8 artists, both amateur and professional. 

Now in its 10th iteration, the return of the Day of Noise promises a full day of diverse, improvised music. As founder of the Day of Noise and KZSU DJ the Voice of Doom remarks: “The “Day of Noise” event has always been about the freedom of non-commercial radio to deviate from the standardized conceptions of what the audience wants. It exploits the immediacy of the radio format with live performance. The listener has the feeling that at any moment, anything might happen, because anything can…the point is to embrace all kinds of creative sounds.”

Along with uncategorizable and sometimes abrasive sounds, music will range from David Slusser’s experimental jazz improvisations to the lush, instrumental drone of the Lickets. Performances will also include the debut of Frank Rothkamm’s K5, a special appearance by the Megabats, and the return of the Voice of Doom to the KZSU airwaves. Collectively, the artists and staff of KZSU Stanford 90.1FM hope that the Day of Noise will celebrate Bay Area/regional experimental music and the creative medium of nonprofit, freeform radio. 

KZSU invites you to listen via radio on 90.1 FM or stream live from

Artists slated to perform:

Bill Orcutt, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jessica Rylan, The Lickets, Megabats, Voice of Doom, Danny Paul Grody, Frank Rothkamm, Thomas Dimuzio, David Slusser, Brian B James, Speculator, White Pee, Peter Nyboer, zBug, Wobbly Black Hair People, En, Matt Davignon, Matt Ingalls, John Ingle, Vulcanus 68, Abode, Thea Farhadian, Aloonaluna, Feast and Friends, Kurt James Werner, and more

For complete information, updates, and set times please visit:, or the facebook event. 

Ghost Trees is back on the KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM airwaves. Through early April, one can listen to Ghost Trees on 90.1FM in the San Francisco Bay Area, or at from 9am – noon on Mondays PST. The tempos will never exceed Lance Armstrong’s pulse. Drone-swept lush, dreamy, flighty, trippy space goop on tranquilizers in a molasses river. Almost as good as transmitter failure.

Album art for Grody's 2011 release on Students of Decay

I’m kicking it off with a bang. This week, Danny Paul Grody (Tarentel, The Drift, Danny Paul Grody), who is performing in the Feb 12th KZSU Day of Noise, will participate in a phone interview at 10am. Tune in to hear us discuss the upcoming event, a revived KZSU tradition, as well as what Mr. Grody has been up to lately.

I’ll make another post about the upcoming Day of Noise as we move closer to the event. It’s going to be ridiculously awesome. The Day of Noise website has all the info you need right now.




I’ve been subbing in for my fellow disc jockeys at KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM throughout the quarter, despite not having a regular show. Take a look at my most playlists. If you are inclined, I may be able to dig up some of the shows (post a comment and I’ll get in touch with you). I am so proud of the KZSU Music Department and the terrific music we have been cycling through as of late. I am even more excited about an upcoming music event that we will be announcing in the near future, but that vague teaser will have to satisfy my two internet fans (hi mom) for now.

I am definitely going to have a regular radio show next quarter. My next blog post will probably be some sort of recap of my favorite musical releases of the year in the form of a list or not a list.



Hey team. Sorry to disappoint my biggest fans, but I am not going to have a radio show this quarter. Responsibilities of school and student groups have taken over my life. Completely. I can recommend a few KZSU shows in the meantime. Make sure to check out Songs: Cantan Saturday evenings from 6-9pm PST with DJ Awyeh. Awyeh plays the latest and greatest in transmitter static, refrigerator music, and textured noise. It’s tremendously beautiful stuff. And like usual, I can throw a full recommendation behind Your Imaginary Friend’s Brownian Motion, every Wednesday from 6-9pm PST. Sticky, sloppy, psychy, dreamy, all over the place, and just wonderful. Don’t miss out on the greatness that is KZSU.

This guy was a street performer in Germany. Loved seeing alternative music and completely artistic stuff on the street. He’s dressed in pseudo-traditional German garb, yet the type of music was a prolonged, one-note, scraped cello drone. He offered chanty groaning vocals as well. Almost payed the man some money.

Until later, your cheerful music friend,


Human Skab

Fans of plus-sized, overwrought radio take note. A while back, I uploaded over 4 and half grueling hours of Lost Verses and the bonus Human Skabgasm that took place in the dungeon of Memorial Auditorium from May 12th 9:00PM – May 13th 1:30AM in the year of our lord two thousand and eleven. It was so plus-sized that the internet forced me to break this up into two separate files to upload.

I miss making radio. But I’ll be sure to update this inane blog often in the meantime. Schöner Tag,