ghost trees is my occassionally dormant dumping zone of experimental / independent music interviews, concert reviews, and album ramblings. My name is Adam, and I am a contributor to Decoder Magazine, music geek, ex-KZSU DJ (old playlists), and affiliate of San Francisco noise / drone / rock collective Xi Hammer. This blog includes my scatterbrained, music-related interviews and audio, gushings over releases, and far too many personal happenings that do not interest people aside from my mother. I have recently transplanted to Germany, where I eat a lot of pastries, struggle to speak competent German, and explore the local music scene.

My day job involves research, policy writing, and consultancy work at an environmental think tank in Berlin. My other interests involve environmental journalism, storytelling, and travel. If you are interested you can check out my environmental storytelling podcast, Green Grid Radio.

twitter: @adamcodypearson adamcodypearson

soundcloud: adamcpearson