From my last post on ghosttrees, I subtly referenced that I was contributing to Decoder Magazine. I am quite happy about the opportunity to more formally direct my music ramblings into forms like reviews and features that people may read.

With “Dirt Beam,” we are introduced to a staccato, multi-layered Casio horn chug that contrasts with an Eastern, chiming guitar (or is it keyboard?) riff. By the time we can mentally adjust to the contrast and slightly off-kilter guitar/key tones, Kumo launches into a frenetic The Name of this Band Is Talking Heads-like world-funk groove, while spaced-out squiggly synths lurch in all directions. And before we can even figure out what’s happening, the song has pivoted eight more head-spinning times, mixing all the UFO-isms, flickering trumpets, and tapestry of samples into a soaking, twisted, frenzy before ebbing back toward calm. It’s surely a representative end to a chaotically joyful listen.

This is a short blog post pointing to my recent review of Gushing Cloud‘s 2013 LP, Beat Wings In Vain on Intangible Cat. It’s really an impressive mix of styles for getting down to headphone grooves from the comfort of your living room. Check it out.

More Decoder-related and “A Touring Daze”-related news soon.