Hello world. Apologies for the absence from the digital world — the last few months have been hectic. I’ve moved away from Northern California to Washington, DC for the summer. When I’m not spending my time developing my very elitist, depressing, white taste in music, I try to do some good things for the environment, and that type of work has brought me out here. As a new resident to this city, I’ve had to find my way around the music scene. It’s interesting. Not sure that I have truly found the kind of “scene” that I am used to in the San Francisco bay area, but there’s definitely a “District of Noise–” a playful name of an organization that I found out about when KZSU received a beautiful slab of vinyl from their 2011 curated music festival.

Two Thursdays ago I went to the Arlington, VA neighborhood of the sprawling DC area. That’s where CD Cellar is, a local independent outlet. They have a strange mix of stuff: everything form unsold Kelly Clarkson major label crimes to high-demand, mid-level indie stuff like a The National 7″, all the way to very obscure CDRs by Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. I picked up a Skullflower CD that I’ve never seen before (Orange Canyon Mind, though it isn’t nearly as monolithic and intensely moody as the other record of theirs I’ve heard, Malediction), and a (pre-beats) Growing CD that I’d never been able to previously track down– all for $10.

Degollado, out of Virginia, was the first band to perform. I enjoyed their sludgy, metallic, druggy noise rock. Degollado performed for around 20-25 minutes and incorporated a variety of samples, pedals, and a pounding drum kit. Texturally it was right up my alley, except for the bit of cookie monster vocals, which were not really my thing. I remember they ended with a slomo, head-bobbing, piercing anthem. I would love to see them again, and the guys were definitely pleasant, warm, and good people.

I believe the next act was Balazs Pandi, a Hungarian drummer. He was joined by a few fellows from the CxFx headlining group, and while I’m not going to describe exactly what happened during/after this performance near the venue, it was kind of chaotic with people coming in and out of the store. If you want to hear the whole story, get in touch with me personally. Back to Balazs– he’s a total professional. The guitar feedback, joined with the slamming, tribal drumming reminded me of Heavy Winged. This definitely was my favorite part of the night. I couldn’t get enough of the free-flowing, complex, plodding march. If you ever get a chance to see Pandi, I’d highly recommend it.

CxFx came on a bit shorthanded. Since it was only a vocalist and a drummer and not a full three-piece, the sound was a bit thin. There was no guitarist, as they seemingly normally have. At this point, I was probably the last non-band member or record store employee in the store, and I decided that I would bail out a little bit early. I kind of felt bad, but it was definitely anticlimactic after Pandi.

It’s nice to be back in the blog world. I hope to have more time to entertain myself, but we’ll see. Take care and stay cool