Hey team. Sorry to disappoint my biggest fans, but I am not going to have a radio show this quarter. Responsibilities of school and student groups have taken over my life. Completely. I can recommend a few KZSU shows in the meantime. Make sure to check out Songs: Cantan Saturday evenings from 6-9pm PST with DJ Awyeh. Awyeh plays the latest and greatest in transmitter static, refrigerator music, and textured noise. It’s tremendously beautiful stuff. And like usual, I can throw a full recommendation behind Your Imaginary Friend’s Brownian Motion, every Wednesday from 6-9pm PST. Sticky, sloppy, psychy, dreamy, all over the place, and just wonderful. Don’t miss out on the greatness that is KZSU.

This guy was a street performer in Germany. Loved seeing alternative music and completely artistic stuff on the street. He’s dressed in pseudo-traditional German garb, yet the type of music was a prolonged, one-note, scraped cello drone. He offered chanty groaning vocals as well. Almost payed the man some money.

Until later, your cheerful music friend,